Hall of Fame

Our Legends

Over the years, DUSWPC has had many notable members. This page is dedicated to these alumni or 'legends'. If you're a legend and don't have a picture or don't like your picture, send us one at swimmingwaterpolo@dundee.ac.uk!

Merryn Thomson

Sam Muir

Dan Eccles

Emily Brown

Emily Tang

Luc Schacherer

Anna Simpson

Adam Farini

Claire Hannigan

Nick Beveridge

Amy Dickson

Charlie Johnstone

Ben Parsons

Finlay Williamson

Emma Mason

Suzy Arnott

Eilidh McArthur

Alex Allan

Cara Smith

Beth Shannon

Carla Macaloney

Alex Scott

Thomas Meehan

Tim Ridgley

Will Footitt

Angus Cameron

Sam O'Connor

Adam Murray

Euan McElwee

Donald Griffiths

Lorna Blair

Beth Mollison

Paul Adamson

Jill Sweeney

Jennifer Neil

Iain Swan

Steph Kerr

Quentin Delavenne

Caitlin Barbour

Karel Kuzmiak

Winton Calum

Mattias Kahlin

Zach Thomson

Louise Thomsen